Internet star Belle Delphine named her monthly earnings on OnlyFans. The number may shock you.


Belle Delphine nude recently made a girl famous. The girl’s real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. A month’s subscription to Kirschner’s channel costs fans $35. She wouldn’t disclose her exact number of subscribers, but she did say that she now earns about… million dollars a month.

“Yeah, it [the subscription] costs $35 a month … I don’t want to say [how many subscribers I have]. I’ve actually been pretty open about it lately. I figured I’d just say it. I think all of us mainstream people on OnlyFans make about the same. And right now it’s about one million dollars a month.” – Belle Delphine.

Because of that big earnings, the girl is thinking of charging subscribers extra for adult content. She also said she once withdrew two million dollars from the service at once, which she said was the largest transaction in OnlyFans history.

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