Sunday, December 3, 2023

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society Unveils Online Bird Art Gallery


The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (SCVAS) is taking flight in the world of art and nature appreciation by launching an online gallery showcasing bird-themed artwork submitted by members of the community. This digital showcase is an outgrowth of the inaugural September Bird Celebration organized by the SCVAS. The online gallery, designed to celebrate the avian wonders that grace the Bay Area, will also feature in SCVAS publications, including Instagram, Facebook, and newsletters.

Teresa Cheng, a Cupertino resident and the driving force behind the September Bird Celebration, expressed her delight at the response, stating, “We had almost 50 people submit their artwork, including several youth. While this was the first year for this event, we’re very pleased with how it went and look forward to sponsoring similar initiatives in the future.”

The gallery features a diverse array of artists and photographers who share their passion for birds. Among the contributors are Teresa Cheng and Floy and Dave Zittin from Cupertino, along with Jeremy Frank, Ed Reed, and Camden Bac representing Sunnyvale. The vibrant San Jose contingent in the online gallery includes Sushanta Bhandarkar, Chris Johnson, Kristin Lynn, Rajesh Pasupathy, Orizema Cruz Pina, Howard Friedman, Sapana Kapadia, Karen Maor, Chris Henry, Christopher Klein, and Tiphaknee Tamboury.

SCVAS Executive Director Matthew Dodder highlighted the gallery’s diverse content, noting that while it boasts numerous bird photographs, it also showcases sketches, paintings, and even a felt sculpture. This artistic variety reflects the multifaceted beauty of birds and their significance in our lives.

“September is a wonderful month to bird in the Bay Area,” Dodder explained. “After a quiet end to the summer, shorebirds, warblers, and crowned sparrows arrive in numbers. Rare birds make brief appearances. The September Bird Celebration invited everyone to get out in nature, capture, and create images during this dynamic period, and share them with others in our community.”

The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society is headquartered at McClellan Ranch Preserve in Cupertino, where they continue to foster a deep appreciation for birdlife and nature in the region.

The online gallery serves as a testament to the beauty and diversity of avian life and the profound impact it has on both seasoned and budding artists. It’s a visual celebration of the wonders of the natural world, captured through the lens of art and photography, and shared with a community that cherishes the beauty of birds in all their forms.


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